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Kitchen & bath remolding in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Fernandina Beach, Palm Coast and surrounding areas


The Kitchen & Flooring Design Center offers high-quality kitchen and bath remodeling at the area’s most attractive prices

The kitchen and bathroom are important rooms and that’s why we specialize in kitchen & bath remodeling that add beauty, value and comfort to any home. The Kitchen & Flooring Design Center knows just how much time the average family spends in their kitchen & bath and why remodeling is important. If it’s been several years or more since your last kitchen or bath remodeling project, we can help bring these rooms up-to-date in comfort, functionality and design. We provide kitchen & bath remodeling services for homeowners in Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach, St. Augustine, Palm Coast and other nearby Florida communities. We make the kitchen and bath remodeling process practical and efficient with competitive pricing and expert advice.

A beautiful kitchen remodel

Sharing a family meal is much more enjoyable in a beautiful, modern kitchen. Upgrading the décor and appliances is the best way to make any room more welcoming to guests and family members alike and to increase the market value of your home at the same time. Even simple changes like these can make a big difference:

  • Add new glass doors to your cabinets to show off your favorite china
  • Replace old countertops with new ones made from marble, granite, or polished concrete
  • Install colorful backsplashes above your sink or stove
  • Replace existing light fixtures with new ones from well-known designers to illuminate dark corners
  • Consider adding new cabinet faces within your available budget
  • Add fine accents like modern drawer pulls and attractive new cabinet handles
  • If you have enough space, put in a kitchen center island to give you additional cooking work area

Remodel the kitchen and bath using your personal sense of style as a guide. Consult with one of our experts to create a unique decor that will look beautiful for years.
Flooring services in Jacksonville FL by The Kitchen and Flooring Design Center

A functional, stylish bathroom remodel

Basic bathrooms might work okay, but a luxurious and comfortable bath is a lot more enjoyable. Upgrading to modern new fixtures and features also raises your home's overall market value which is important when refinancing or selling your home. Whether you intend to stay in your home for decades or want to sell next year, an upgraded new bathroom is well worth the investment. Determine your practical budget and choose from a wide selection of upgrades such as:

  • Improved vanity lighting for morning shaving or applying makeup
  • Add floating shower doors that slide open without needing a metal frame
  • Add natural stone marble or slate tiles to change a simple shower stall into something special
  • Install dimmer controls to let you lower the lights while soaking in the tub to relax after a long day at work
  • Consider adding high-pressure massage jets to your shower
  • You can also put in steam vents that convert your shower into a personal sauna
  • Put in newly designed faucets and handles to replace your old fixtures
  • Change to better cabinets to keep your health & beauty products better organized and out of view
The Kitchen & Flooring Design Center can turn your existing kitchen and bath into rooms you’ll be proud of. Pick up your phone and call us to get product price quotes and installation costs for your kitchen or bath, or stop by at our showroom to discuss your need for kitchen & bath remodeling with one of our expert consultants.