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Flooring installation in Jacksonville, St.Augustine, Fernandina Beach, Palm Beach Coast and surrounding areas


Flooring installation services from The Kitchen & Flooring Design Center

Regardless of the type of flooring you choose, we have your back with a professional flooring installation. You are making a big investment in your flooring project; you want to make sure the flooring installation is done properly. At The Kitchen & Flooring Design Center, our flooring installation professionals are trained, insured and licensed. All of our technicians are up-to- date on the latest products, installation materials and requirements for all types flooring including:

  • Tile
  • Carpet
  • Hardwood
  • Laminate

The Kitchen & Flooring Design Center has been serving satisfied customers in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Fernandina Beach and Palm Coast, Florida communities.

Flooring installation services for carpet

Carpet is known as a luxury choice, you love the way it feels on your bare feet and the way it warms up a room. It is critical the carpet be installed properly, or that feeling you were going for, will be for naught. At The Kitchen & Flooring Design Center, we will get you the most affordably priced carpet and give you the best installation possible.

When choosing a carpet for your home you want to consider:
  • How the room will function and what the traffic patterns will be.
  • How important are the cleaning qualities of the carpet in terms of time vacuuming and having it professionally cleaned?
  • Do you expect things will be spilled, or will it be a sitting room for conversation?
  • What is the style or colors needed, will it be coordinating with other rooms or wall colors or furniture?
  • What is your budget for purchasing the carpet and installation?

We are extremely competitive in our pricing, in fact we are known for our discounted pricing. We will work within your budget for both the flooring material and the installation service.
Flooring services in Jacksonville FL by The Kitchen and Flooring Design Center

Flooring installation services for tile

Tile is a home décor style that has been used in homes for centuries. Tile offers a lot of versatility for your home. You can use it in a kitchen or a bathroom or even a family room. It should be reflective of your personal style and of course, your lifestyle. Tile can also be used in flooring for accents, whether it’s just in a foyer or in a hall.

Of course, the practical aspects for tile would be how easy it is to clean, with a damp mop or sweeping. If you have pets, or children, cleanup is a snap.

Our installers are expert at tile flooring installations. Please expect this to be a several day project, as the tile must set, then the grouting is applied and must cure before walking on it.

Hardwood flooring installation

All types of flooring require expert installation and hardwood flooring is no exception. In all types of installations, it is what you don’t see that matters most. You have chosen a beautiful, solid hardwood, or engineered hardwood flooring and you want it to look pristine after the installation.

If you are having hardwood floors installed, we will deliver the flooring a few days early so it can acclimate to the temperature in your home.

Preparing for your flooring installation

There are things you can do to get prepared for your flooring installation. Make sure the room is cleared out and that all children and pets are safely out of the work area. The installers will need easy access to electricity and water. If you are installing flooring in a kitchen, make sure all the appliances are safely disconnected and should be moved out of the space.

At The Kitchen & Flooring Design Center, we guarantee our work, and we will make sure you are totally satisfied with the end result. For your next flooring project, visit our showroom in Jacksonville, FL or call us to schedule an appointment to discuss your flooring and flooring installation needs.