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Design consultation in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Fernandina Beach, Palm Coast and surrounding areas


The Kitchen & Flooring Design Center’s expert design consultation makes decision making and planning easier

Homeowners enjoy quality carpeting because it provides a comfortable walking surface and looks great, which means they also look for the best companies to install that carpet. Quality carpet is also very practical because it keeps rooms cozier and can last for decades. The way that carpet is installed is also very important. At the Kitchen & Flooring Design Center in Jacksonville, we are eager to show you how today's carpets can provide you with a luxurious and affordable choice and how our carpet installers make a difference. We offer discount carpet prices, a huge selection, and efficient carpet installation services.

Let your design consultant know your budget

  • Your budget: Creating a practical project budget will probably be at the top of the list. After all, you must know how much can you afford to spend on your project, and whether this be a complete remodeling or just a simple upgrade.

  • Design style: What is your overall interior design style? Is your residence formal where everything is supposed to be in its place, or more informal and casual with your family dining in front of the television? Just what design scheme do you prefer modern, country, rustic, or contemporary? If you haven’t yet made this decision, your design consultant can help you come up with the right answer.

  • Flooring types: Do you prefer hard flooring surfaces, carpet or both? Each has its own advantages and drawbacks. Hard surfaces are quite easy to clean; they are available in many different materials, some costing more than others. There are also some inexpensive materials like luxury vinyl or laminate that look much like the more expensive flooring products. The design consultants at The Kitchen & Flooring Design Center can help you make these decisions during your design consultation.
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A design consultation will help you choose the right colors

Do you prefer warm, cool, or neutral colors? Do you want one color to be the key with others colors complimenting it?

The Kitchen & Flooring Design Center has been helping homeowners in the Jacksonville area create outstanding home interior designs for many years. We offer professional design consultation to help you remodel your home quickly, even if you have a limited budget.

Our experts will meet with you during your design consultation. They will answer the questions above and any others that you may have. They can offer you sound advice on colors, flooring, organization, and more. Our design consultants will help you find the answers to any questions and provide you with important professional interior design guidance along the way. We will help you turn your design inspirations into a home remodeling plan that you can afford.

The Kitchen & Flooring Design Center proudly serves customers in Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach, St. Augustine, Palm Coast and other nearby Florida communities. For more information, call us, e-mail us, or stop in at our Jacksonville showroom to discuss and arrange your design consultation.