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Carpet installation in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Fernandina Beach, Palm Coast and surrounding areas


Choose the Kitchen & Flooring Design Center for professional carpet installation services

Homeowners enjoy quality carpeting because it provides a comfortable walking surface and looks great, which means they also look for the best companies to install that carpet. Quality carpet is also very practical because it keeps rooms cozier and can last for decades. The way that carpet is installed is also very important. At the Kitchen & Flooring Design Center in Jacksonville, we are eager to show you how today's carpets can provide you with a luxurious and affordable choice and how our carpet installers make a difference. We offer discount carpet prices, a huge selection, and efficient carpet installation services.

Selecting the best carpet and installation company for your home

We offer many choices. We hope to make it easy to help you by starting off with some simple questions:

  • How much time and money do you want to spend cleaning? We have choices you can clean with occasional vacuuming because the material keeps dirt very close to the top.
  • How busy will your room be? We might suggest different quality for a spare bedroom than we would for a busy living room or carpeted business showroom.
  • Is there a high chance of spills and other accidents in the room? If you have kids and pets, you can expect messes, so you might want to invest in one of our easy-care options that repel stains and odors.
  • Do you need flooring to match a room? Along with hundreds of different materials, we also carry many different colors and patterns.
  • Does price matter? We strive to offer very competitive prices on our entire inventory, and we pride ourselves on offering flooring, delivery, and installation prices for each customer's budget.
Carpet installation in Jacksonville FL by The Kitchen and Flooring Design Center

Choose your perfect carpet to be installed

If you already have a carpet style in mind, we will most likely have it in stock. If you are still making a decision, this short guide to popular choices might help:

  • Berber: Also known as loop pile, this choice is known for its durability and soft texture. This is a good option for a busy family room.
  • Cut pile: The surface is very plush, and this type of flooring can be found in several different designs. These include Saxony, Frieze, Textured, and Cable. Typically, cut pile is suggested for rooms with less foot traffic and a lower chance of accidents.
  • Cut and loop: This is a hybrid choice between Berber and Cut Pile. It combines the benefits of a more sculpted look with durability, and it might be the right choice for rooms with a moderate amount of traffic.

Let us help you find the right carpet and install it at the right price

At The Kitchen & Flooring Design Center, we invite our customers to shop online, in our Jacksonville showrooms, or over the phone. We offer quality flooring choices at discount prices and are very eager to help you find the perfect solution for your unique home or business. Give us a call today to find out about our carpet installation services.