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Why choose carpet?

We may sound biased, but we are unapologetic about our love for carpet! Soft, luxurious carpeting is a beautiful, functional, and economical flooring option for families with kids and pets.

With so many eye-catching patterns, unforgettable textures and dazzling, fashionable colors, carpet manufacturers like Mohawk can provide the perfect style to fit your specific lifestyle. In fact, we believe that Mohawk has innovated the softest, most family-friendly and pet-friendly carpets ever. Theses carpets stand up to high-traffic wear and resists life's spills and stains like never before. Mohawk makes gorgeous carpets that remain stain-free, wear-free, and worry-free.

Don't stress over dirt or spills with stain-resistant Eco-friendly EverStrand™. Scotchgard™-protected polyester stays looking newer, longer. Pets and kids are no match for Wear-Dated® nylon since it has been performance-tested to resist crushing and matting. Get the best of both worlds with SmartStrand Forever Clean®, the only carpet with permanent, built-in stain and soil resistance that never washes or wears off.

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Featured pet friendly carpet products

Design Inspiration Ironstone 502
Mohawk Industries

Exquisite Touch Rising Tide 507
Mohawk Industries

Revealing Beauty Pebblestone 505
Mohawk Industries

Tonal Luxury Winter Calm 501
Mohawk Industries


What's your carpet type?

With so many colors and textures to choose from, there's no reason to put off buying new carpet. Maybe you want to capture trendy shades of blue to make a statement, from timeless indigo and navy to of-the-moment marine tones. Carpeting made with reclaimed, recycled, and natural materials will add distinct texture and an earthy vibe. Patterns will help craft an exotic feel with bold shapes, chevrons, ikats, and Aztec prints.

Did we mention that carpeting adds warmth and comfort to your home by increasing the sound absorption and insulation, ensuring your floor is warm in winter and cool in summer? Mohawk carpet can also be easily installed over many kinds of surfaces, even hiding irregularities in your subflooring.

With Mohawk, we call help you find the right carpeting that suits both your home and your budget.

Choosing the perfect carpet

So what does it take to choose the most perfect carpet for your home? Is it finding the plushest and softest one? Or is it finding the one that goes best with your existing décor? The fact is, the perfect floor covering for one homeowner may not be the perfect flooring for another. It’s your own specific set of needs and circumstances that dictate the best flooring material for your home.

At Kitchen and Flooring Design Center, we get right to the bottom of what will work for your home. We will work with you in finding out the style, design, fabric, and so much more, that will make the floor covering you choose for your home and your lifestyle fit perfectly. We service the areas of Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Fernandina, and Palm Coast, and our showroom is located in Jacksonville, FL. We invite you to visit us there, so that we can help you figure out exactly what you need, from product to design and installation.
Kid friendly carpet in Jacksonville FL from The Kitchen and Flooring Design Center

What makes a carpet?

Probably the most important factors in choosing a carpet that’s right for you is the fiber. Each fiber has its own strengths and weaknesses, and one will be better for your home than the others will. The main types of carpet fibers are:

  • Wool – an all-natural carpet fiber that is a top of line choice for colors and beauty. However, it requires a great deal of care, is not suited for high traffic areas and cannot be in areas where there is high humidity, moisture or the possibility of spills.
  • Polyester – a very budget friendly choice for carpeting, with excellent stain resistance. It has a fair number of options in style and color and retains texture well also.
  • Olefin – another fiber that does very well at resisting stains and has decent texture retention, also its soil resistance leaves a bit to be desired.
  • Nylon – this is by far the most common and most popular carpet fiber on the market today and for good reason. It receives a mark of “excellent in the areas of style and color availability, stain resistance, and retention of texture".
When it comes time for the installation of your carpet, we highly recommend that you hire professional installers for the job. By attempting to save money on this step, it’s likely that you could see mistakes made, that would cost a lot more to correct than it would to pay the professionals to make sure it’s right the first time.

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