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Cabinets and countertops

Custom cabinets and countertops in St Augustine FL from The Kitchen and Flooring Design Center
Custom cabinets and countertops in St Augustine FL from The Kitchen and Flooring Design Center
Custom countertops in Fernandina Beach
Jacksonville’s largest variety of cabinets at everyday low prices!
The Kitchen and Flooring Design Center is the best vendor for cabinets and countertops in the Jacksonville area. Combining functionality and beauty is easy when you invest in and install fashionable cabinets and countertops that please your tastes and simplify your daily schedule. We carry everything you need to complete your improvement project, from helpful suggestions on how to choose the right materials to which colors and textures will fit with your kitchen or bathroom.

You can find many products that you desire that can be customized or semi-customized to better suit your needs and get fast installation service for all of the great options that we offer. As with all of our products, we're glad to help you discover and install the most suitable cabinets and countertops for your living spaces. Our design consultants and cabinet and countertop installation technicians have had years of training and proficiency in aiding our local customers with the most vital steps in the redesigning process.

We work with honest cabinet artisans who've been respected in the industry for years, to get the most elegant designs and styles and bring them to your home at an affordable price. Our countertop options are just as pliable; we select only the first-class merchandise to bring you the premium corian, granite, quartz and recycled glass countertops, and always at the best rates in Jacksonville. With the exciting color, texture and design possibilities available, we've got the countertops that will cohere with the cabinets that will fit with your life.

Whether you're practicing to become a culinary whiz and require an abundance of storage for an array of exotic ingredients, a family caretaker who wants cabinets that can be wiped clean of cake batter smudges with no complications, or an ambitious party enthusiast who wants to dazzle and invigorate your guests with an attractive design space, we have the products and services to make your dream a reality. Find cabinets and countertops at a fraction of the costs of other local businesses and get more value every day at The Kitchen and Flooring Design Center.

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